Artist in Residence

Pears in Glass by Mike Medow

Pears in Glass Bowl by Mike Medow

The dining room of The Heartline Cafe’ is adorned with the art of local resident Mike Medow.  Mike has been living and working in Sedona since 1979 and began wood sculpting in 1967, it has been not only a love and central concern of his life, but also a growing and maturing process. His work has taken several drastic turns since Medow began. Each change has revealed his naturally intuitive understanding of the really important concerns of sculpture.

When Mike moved out west from Chicago he was awestruck by the magnificent land forms and now those forms are echoed in the full and robust figures he carves and paints. The human forms reflect the rock formations, which he calls “figurescapes”. This duality he creates is of course the most ancient content in all of art…the earth mother. This self-taught artist deals with symmetries and shifting centers as if he had written a master thesis on that subject. From an innate sensitivity and intuition come the subtleties within Medow’s compositions.

To see all of his work and read more about this enchanting artist visit his website and enjoy!

Painting Titled Self Portrait by Mike Medow

Self Portrait by Mike Medow