Memory Lane

We have great memories and we’d like you to share your memories with us in celebration of our 20 years of business!

If you’ve had a memorable event at Heartline, we’d love to hear your story.


So…what is your favorite Heartline memory?

Zuni symbol Heartline Bear

How I met my husband at the Heartline Cafe

I call the Heartline Cafe the Love Connection. There was a period of time in the mid and late 90¹s when people were meeting and marrying their life partners at the Heartline Cafe. One day Phyllis I counted up about 5 or 6 couples who met there, got married and are still married. My husband and I, who met at the Heartline are in our 16th year of marriage and we are very happy together.

When I was single in Sedona one of the best places to go with a few friends was the bar at The Heartline. Only 6 seats, but it was great good fun for friends and strangers alike. Everyone talks to everyone at the Heartline bar. No one is a stranger when you sit at the bar to eat. Like family style only better.

One night my good friend and I stopped in after a movie to have a glass of wine, and my husband was behind the bar working. I hadn’t seen him before, but in the style of the Heartline he was warm, friendly and funny. We all talked, joked and carried on, and when the restaurant closed at 10PM, Robert asked my friend and I if we would like to go to the Rainbow for a nightcap. The evening was still young so we all bundled off to the Rainbow, and Robert and I got into a very deep conversation about life, our interests  and our dreams, which were very similar. He gave me his card and asked me to give him a call if I would like to go out. I called a week later, we went out on our first date, and the fun began! After a few dates it was really obvious that we had a deep connection, and within in a year we were married.

Thank god for the Heartline Cafe!  ~ Anne Emerson, Sedona, Arizona


We had our first date at the Heartline on the patio.  It was beautiful and romantic with a full moon.  A year later, we came back up to Sedona (we live in Scottsdale), and had dinner at the Heartline where my boyfriend proposed to me.  He had called ahead and arranged for the same table on the patio and he even brought the ring earlier in the day so the waiter could bring it out on the dessert plate.  It was white chocolate mousse with berries, of course.  I cried and everyone sitting by us applauded us.  Then the waiter brought us each a complimentary glass of champagne.  It was a night we will never forget! ~ Anonymous

Dining area where her boyfriend proposed



I came to the Heartline feeling faint and quite weak

When the dear waitress came, well, I scarcely could speak

I was able to order the Pecan Crusted Trout.  The service was great.  If I could, I would shout

that the meal was delicious, my strength’s been regained

I leave with a sigh, I must come back again.


Merle Blair

Youngstown, AB


Really, really enjoyed Tapas Tuesday last night!  Wonderful food and super service.  And absolutely fabulous music. Really looking forward to another night with Boca Loca before we have to leave Sedona at the end of Feb.

Dr Peggy Nightingale