Our Staff

We would like you to meet our staff, who work in tandem to provide an outstanding experience to you and your guests.

Each month, we will feature a new employee, so you can meet the people that contribute their talents to making Heartline Café so successful.

The first employee we are showcasing is actually only with us part-time.  In addition to her many other talents, Maureen Nealon, our own leprechaun scone maker and sometime pastry chef, is a renaissance woman.  She has been a part of the Sedona Community for more than 20 years and a full time resident for 15 years, after retiring from teaching in the Chicago Schools.  When she first arrived here, she was a real estate agent, teacher at the local community college, and board member of the local association of Realtors, in which she still holds a broker’s license. Now, in addition to baking for us, Maureen is a spiritual director and archetypal counselor, and an international artist with paintings hanging here and in Japan and icons here and in Australia.

If you come in for breakfast or lunch, you will often find Maureen with her partner in crime, Maude, enjoying a meal. Please stop by and tell her hello!