HERS Magazine photo shoot in Sedona

Kumiko Mori

Since 1997, mezzo-soprano Kumiko Mori, 46, has played Madame Thenardier more than 2,000 times in the hugely successful Japanese stage production of “Les Miserables.” A couple of times a week she can be seen on a variety of shows ranging from travel and food specials to talk shows and comedies. She’s also published a cookbook of her original recipes, appeared on more than 30 CDs and released two of her own. She says that being in the limelight that much has not blurred but sharpened her vision.

Heartline Café hosted Ms Mori and the HERS magazine crew earlier this year. Kumiko Mori’s Sedona story appears in their April issue which was published on March 15, 2011. Below are a couple of pictures taken from that photo shoot.

HERS Magazine Cover

Ms. Mori dining at Heartline Café

Page from HERS article

Ms. Mori sitting on the rocks in Sedona